Diana Gabrielyan

Iraqi Dance Choreography

Exclusive iraqi dance choreography by Diana Gabrielyan for Orientalísimo Belly Dance Academy
Duration: 2m 26s 
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About Diana Gabrielyan

International Bellydance Teacher & Artist

Gabrielyan Diana, head of the school of oriental dance “Gabriella”,  is one of the most charismatic dancers from Ukraine, licensed as judge and teacher of the Ukrainian Oriental Dance Association and licensed referee of the highest category UAVST!

Among her achievements as professional dancer:

  • Champion in multiple competitions in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Teacher at the most prestigious festival in the world “Ahlan wa Sahlan"
  • Silver Champion of France “Oriental marathon festival 2018”
  • The owner of the crown of the “Three Kings” 
  • The Way to The Stars Person of the Year UAFT 2020 in the nomination Star
  • Person of the year UAVST in the nomination of the best teacher of master classes
  •  Absolute Champion of Belarus 2017 in performances with the orchestra Yossry El Hefni
  • The absolute champion of the Enigma Of Arabia festival in performances with the Chronis Taxidis orchestra
  • Miss Bellydance Europe
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