David Abraham

Mejance Choreography

Exclusive mejance choreography by David Abraham for Orientalísimo Academy
Duration: 1h 03m  Lifetime Access
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Lyrical Song Choreography

Style, technique and emotion converge in a balanced way in this oriental romantic choreography created by David Abraham exclusively for Orientalísimo Academy. Learn from his hand the technique that makes him unique, understand the meaning of each gesture and learn an incredible piece full of emotion and feeling.

About David Abraham

International Bellydance Teacher & Artist

Dancer, Choreographer, Lecturer. Graduated from the Arabian Dance School (ADS) Master Amir Thaleb in 2011. Owner of an exceptional charisma and overwhelming personality. Creator of a unique, innovative, bold and edgy style. He knows how to captivate and dazzle the audience with his impeccable traditional technique. His oriental art is sublime and masterful , his technique has the power to fascinate and enchant everyone. At the age of 26 years, he has managed to carve a prestigious and unblemished career; he travels all around the country giving seminars; he has all the experience, skill and versatility to give classes to students ranging from 2 years to old age.

He was summoned for the CD image of the renowned orchestra Haidi Hilal Arab music, in the city of Bahia Blanca. He has been shown in major events at local, regional and national level, as the International Meeting Arabian Dance (EIDA) and has performed alongside international stars of belly dance. He participated representing Argentina in the "International Conference EIDA Arabian Dance" during the years 2010, 2011 and 2013. Also participated in events at national and international level as "Patagonian Meeting of Arab Dance", "Dance Congress AHLA SALAMAT", "EIDA", "Argentina Federation gymnasia FAGA Artistic" etc. Winner of more than 20 gold medals in competitions. He also visited and shared his teachings in several cities in Argentina, and also abroad, many countries like Chile, Peru, México, Colombia, South Africa, Puerto Rico, United States, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, China and Singapore.
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