Module 1

Belly Dance Beginners Level

Learn the belly dance basic techniques. Settle solid foundations before learning more advanced belly dance.
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What's included?

  • 13 Units
  • 26 Videos
  • 1 Ebook
  • 1 Certificate
  • Homework & Teacher's Feedback
This course is part of our belly dance beginners program, aimed to work on basic body awareness, basic posture, planes of movement and relation to space while learning and putting into practice the basic technique of oriental dance.
  • Learn the fundamentals of bellydance
  • Improve your body awareness and posture
  • Work on planes of movements and relation to space

Benefits of our training programs

All our courses are designed to help you to really improve progressively, following a path that makes sense from the learning and body awareness perspectives. Most of the lessons include practice exercises to train your body memory and explore all movements from multiple perspectives.

Learn more and improve faster with our live classes
You may follow this course at your own pace or registering for our regular live classes, included in any of our subscriptions. Contact us for more information regarding our schedule of belly dance classes.

Alina Babayan
Guillermo Nassim

Professional Bellydance Teachers & Artists

Alina Babayan and Guillermo Nassim are both belly dance teachers at "Acadèmia Dansa Alina Babayan" in Barcelona, with more than 10 years of experience training dancers and a long journey as artists in various international dance festivals and shows.
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