Veil Technique

Learn the veil technique secrets from Aziza in this exclusive workshop for Orientalísimo Belly Dance Academy
Duration: 1h 14m  Lifetime Access
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Contemporary Veil Choreography

Enjoy dancing with the veil to Rose of Morocco, a beautiful lyrical song from the album Promise composed by Yassir Jamal exclusively for Aziza. Get to know the technique, learn its steps and discover the profound way of listening to the music of this international teacher with extensive experience. 

About Aziza

International Bellydance Teacher & Artist

Aziza is one of the brightest, most in-demand stars of bellydance in the world today, recognized across the globe for her unparalleled ability to express the unique synergy of movement and sound that is the hallmark of this ancient art form. Her innate musicality, effortless creativity and lifelong training allow Aziza to fully inhabit the dance, simultaneously capturing a range of emotion and intensity of expressive movement - subtle yet intense, fluid yet strong, poetic and powerful. Aziza is of the rare and gifted breed of performer whose styling is instantly recognizable, yet always evolving and new.

Aziza’s exquisite and undeniable mastery of the stage is matched by her skill in the seminar classroom. An intuitive, concise and generous instructor, Aziza excels at inspiring dancers to reach the next level. Promoters and students alike appreciate her ability to present well-organized, relevant and useful bellydance material that is accessible and challenging to all levels of bellydancers from beginner to professional. A lifelong bellydance student herself, she continually seeks inspiration as she travels the world, discovering new and revisiting familiar movement forms, always presenting material that is fresh and exciting.
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