Why Our Online Bellydance Academy?

Angel Infante
When you dance, your purpose is not to get t a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.
Wayne Dyer
After more than 10 years teaching belly dance, 6 of them in our own academy in Barcelona, from Orientalísimo we want to provide a first-rate academic belly dance program to all those who for some reason cannot go to a good academy close to home or who want to complement their training with our official program.

From Orientalísimo Academy we offer our complete Oriental Dance training program, from beginners level to advanced, as well as additional material for those students who wish to expand their training in specific fields and continue to perfect their technique and choreographic creation. For this purpose we put a large catalog of videos and documentary resources at the disposal of our students, in continuous expansion and organized for orderly and meaningful learning, which can be studied independently and at the desired pace, or used as complementary support material to our live classes.

Although the idea of launching our online academy comes from 2019, it has been with the disruption of COVID-19 that we've definitely decided to start this exciting project to have it ready for the next academic course, starting in September. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic we started to teach online classes for our students and in parallel we quickly got to work on the Orientalísimo Academy website, with the aim of translating our training program into a library of documents and videos to bring our belly dance academy to those who cannot come to our studio and offer added value to those who can.

What makes our academy different?

Our online belly dance academy is not aimed to simply offer videos, we actually open our belly dance education program to the world, a program already working in our 300 m2 and reputed studio located in Barcelona.

Following our belly dance education program, starting every year on September, both our in studio and our online students will get new prerecorded lessons every month, an excellent support material for our weekly livestream classes.

As student you will be part of a growing community together with our students in studio. As soon as you create your account and you are enrolled in a course, you will be able to share your thoughts and get community support in our community discussion forum, also available for each course you are enrolled in.

You will also have access to a growing collection of free resources and incredible e-learning tools, like the capability to have direct access to the texts you have highlighted in our ebooks.

And at the end of each academic year, all our students will get an attendance certificate, and they can opt to pass our level assessment to get our official level certificate!

No enough for you? We also offer private classes and new extra lessons and courses from guest stars every month, to boost your progress  and amplify your knowledge far beyond from our program!
Exciting Right? We can't wait to show you all we can offer you. Becoming member is very easy and completely free. Register now and discover it yourself!
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