Oct 15 • Angel Infante

Choosing the right teacher

Explore the three types of dance teachers: those who excel on stage but can't teach, those who are great instructors but not star performers, and the rare gems who excel at both. Learn what sets them apart and how to find the best fit for you.
In the world of dance, we often find remarkable talents who grace the stage with unparalleled finesse, as well as exceptional teachers who have the ability to transfer their wealth of knowledge to their students. However, it's not always that you find someone who excels in both. In this post, we'll explore the three types of dancers and teachers you're likely to encounter in your dance journey.

The Innate Performer: Amazing Dancer, Not-so-great Teacher

Some dancers are blessed with innate talent or have learned their craft so well that they are a spectacle to watch on stage. They have the technical skill, the emotional expression, and the 'wow' factor. However, when it comes to teaching, they find it challenging to break down their complex routines and methods into digestible pieces for their students. They may know how to do, but they don't quite know how to teach.

When looking for a dance teacher, it's important to remember that stage presence doesn't always equate to teaching prowess. Don't be solely dazzled by a dancer's ability on stage; sometimes the best teachers aren't the ones who shine the brightest in the spotlight.

The Hidden Gem: The Amazing Teacher Who Doesn't Shine On Stage

Not all great dancers are great performers. Some people have a knack for teaching; they know how to communicate ideas clearly, offer constructive feedback, and can adapt their teaching styles to suit different learners. However, they may not be the star performer you'd expect them to be. Their strength lies not in their stage presence but in their exceptional ability to cultivate talent in others.

The Complete Package: Excellence in Both Dance and Teaching

Then, there are those rare gems who are as captivating to watch as they are informative to learn from. These dancers not only have the skill and stage presence but also the ability to communicate their techniques effectively to their students. They can break down complex movements into learnable parts, offer insights that deepen your understanding of the dance form, and inspire you to be better.
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Whether you're a student looking for a dance school or a dancer looking to venture into teaching, understanding these three types will help you make more informed decisions. The key is to identify what you need at your current stage of your dance journey and find a teacher who meets those needs.

At our school, we strive to teach effectively. To experience this for yourself, consider enrolling in one of our online dance classes.
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