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Join the 1st online school offering a structured and comprehensive education program for belly dance. Learn with us and get our certification from beginners to advanced level through live classes, workshops and lessons in streaming    

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Learn bellydance from home with the most structured and complete learning program

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Follow our program of live classes in Spanish and English. All the classes are recorded so you can watch them later. Reinforce what you learn with our collection of lessons in streaming.

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We are the 1st online school offering a structured and comprehensive education program for belly dance. Become certified and achieve your objectives learning with our proven methodology.

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Take the most of our lessons by direct contact with our teachers for feedback and tailored support. Improve your dance level even faster with private classes and coaching sessions.
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Introduction to Belly Dance

Learn the belly dance basic concepts for FREE and get ready to start your training.
Introduction to Belly Dance

Workshops and Modules

Not ready for a subscription? You can also learn with us about specific topics, at your own pace. Explore the workshops and modules that our team and guest teachers have prepared for you.

Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

"When I decided to learn belly dance in Barcelona, I chose the Alina Babayan Academy because it is the one that gave me good energy when I watched videos of the academy and teachers. And I was not wrong! From the first day you enter the academy you breathe that familiar and welcoming atmosphere added to the professionalism to transmit this art that is oriental dance. There is no better phrase to define the Academy than one from Alina herself: there is going to be sharing, not competing."
"I can't be more satisfied with the classes, not only for the professionalism of its members but also for their great human quality and passion for this dance. I encourage to take classes to anybody that for various reasons is unable to attend classroom classes or is interested in learning bellydance from really good teachers in a good academy. Many thanks to the whole team, for their support, mentoring and quality of their classes."
"After 4 years taking classes with Alina Babayan, she has made of oriental dance an essential motivation of my life. She not only taught me the beauty and benefits for the body that it entails but also transmitted her passion to me. Her classes are dynamic, sometimes intense, you work on technique and expression, choreography... but above all they envelop you with a special spiritual energy. I am very grateful and happy to have discovered this academy."
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